Price Calculator

Price Calculation

Ship everywhere the globe - USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Mideast and every one over worldwide countries. For shipping rate details please enter the knowledge below.

"City surcharge applies to high-ticket metros as like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune ...etc."

Terms & Conditions
  • Packages volumetric ( L * W * H - in cms) / 5000 ) or actual weight whichever is higher will be charged
  • Address correction charges will be charged as per destination
  • Remote area fee Rs.40/- per kg with minimum of Rs.2500/- will be charged extra for all Remote area locations
  • Photo ID compulsory for Shipment from Individual
  • Any other levies, taxes or duties implemented by the govt would be charged as applicable.

Dimensional Weight Calculator

Formula : Length (X) Height (X) Width/5000

For example, for U.S. or Canadian origin export shipments measured in inches, the divisor is 166. For EMEA, animal material and APAC origin export shipments measured in inches, the divisor is 139; if measured in centimetres, the divisor is 5,000.


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