Excess/Unaccompanied Baggage Service:

Ever wondered if you can take your excess/ unaccompanied baggage’s at a more economical and hassle free way then paying humongous amount of money to the airlines. Yes, you can indeed. You can give a call 24*7 with us and arrange for such services across all the accessible parts of the world. We would pick the baggage at your door step and package using the best of practices ensuring the safety of your baggage and deliver it at your doorstep wherever you are travelling to. So, you enjoy your transit and we take care of your excess baggage.

International Import Express:

We have developed expertise in importing all legitimate and legally accepted goods across the globe. We have strong international chains in different countries that facilitate prompt clearance of your shipments. These services are highly integrated with IT , so that all the services pertaining to this are offered seamlessly online. The customers can book the services by raising a request using our online form and can also track their shipment as it moves across various points in the process and reaches them.

abroad in the most reliable, fast and secure way across the globe.

International courier services for electronic equipment, machinery and other products:

We offer door to door delivery of electronic goods and machineries for domestic and business purposes with high commitment to quality and time. All the shipments are handled with utmost care and safety. The entire process can be tracked online so that the customer gets real time information as to where the products are currently in the transit. Our expert team also takes care of the legal implications that are to be adhered in rendering of such services.

International Documents/Parcels:

We deliver all your documents and parcels internationally to various parts of the world ensuring prompt, safe and on time delivery of your products at the most economical rates. The entire process can be tracked seamlessly by the customer as it moves along so that the customer gets real time updates on when exactly will the package reach its destination and which part of the supply chain is currently exercising its custody.

University Applications courier services:

We offer exclusive services specially designed to deliver student applications to universities abroad in the most reliable, fast and secure way across the globe.